Coming up with the first sentence of a website is hard these days!  Of course there is the cliché, “Welcome to my place on the web,” but seriously, how dated is that now?  How about I just give you the pertinent facts –
I’m Dr. Jason Cain, an assistant professor in The Meek School of Journalism and New Media at The University of Mississippi.  I teach classes related to media writing and media research.  Occasionally, I get to do the courses related to music business as well, which is fun because my background is as a musician.  When it comes to research, I like to investigate why we choose to share and consume the information that we do on social media.  I also continue to have an interest in privacy, personal information, and intellectual property.

On this site, you can find links to things about courses I teach, a bit more about me, a blog for when I have the occasional musing about things mass communication related, and a tab for internship links.